Project related publications


Mayblin, L. James, P. (2017) Asylum and refugee support: Civil society filling the gaps?

For a copy follow the link: Civil Society Filling the Gaps October 2017


Policy Briefings

Does access to the labour market act as a pull factor for asylum seekers? We’ve looked in to it. Check out our briefing documents -a long and a short version- below:




Working Papers

Pull Factors

What are the pull factors that draw asylum seekers to the UK, and are economic factors such as work and welfare important? We look at this question in the working paper below.



Lifting asylum seekers out of poverty

What would it cost the UK government to increase asylum support, and to give asylum seekers the right to work? We have make some approximations in this working paper.

Welfare costs working paper FINAL


Academic publications

Mayblin, L. (2017) Imagining asylum, governing asylum seekers: complexity reduction and policy making in the UK Home Office, Migration Studies, (click here for a copy)

Mayblin, L. (2016) Complexity reduction and policy consensus: Asylum seekers, the right to work, and the ‘pull factor’ thesis in the UK context, British Journal of Politics and International Relations (click here for a copy)

Mayblin, L. (2016) Troubling the Exclusive Privilages of Citizenship: Mobile solidarities, asylum seekers and the right to work, Citizenship Studies, 20(2):192-207 (click here for a copy)

Mayblin, L. (2014) Asylum, Welfare and Work: Reflections on Research in Asylum and Refugee Studies, International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 34(9/10) (click here here for a copy)

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